Watch blue whales in Chiloé

Chile is a great destination for wildlife watching. In the Chiloé archipelago it is even possible to see blue whales or other impressive marine animals.

The Corcovado Gulf, located in Chiloé, is one of the most privileged areas to see blue whales.

In the Tantauco Park, south of Chiloé, you can go on kayak expeditions to see these oceanic giants that roam the coasts of Queilén and Quellón.

Another place where you can go whale watching is in the northern part of Chiloé Island, in Puñihuil, 25 km from Ancud.

The blue whale is named after its dark blue colour. With their impressive length of up to 30 metres, these whales can weigh up to 200 tonnes. Although they normally live in the open sea, blue whales also come up to the shore to feed.

In Chiloé, besides whales, you can also see other sea animals such as Peale’s dolphins and Chilean dolphins. The best chance of a whale sighting is with experienced guides who will take you out to sea to areas where these wonderful animals are most likely to be found.

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