Insider tips for little known trekking tours in Chile

Chile is welcoming more and more international visitors to practice trekking. A long and narrow strip of land filled with mountain ranges, volcanoes, valleys, lakes, rivers and glaciers make Chile a perfect place to explore its thousands of hiking trails.

There are several trekking routes throughout the country with different levels of difficulty, aimed at experienced hikers but also families.



In the extreme south of Chile there are two routes that are not so well known and therefore not so crowded: Dientes de Navarino and Cruz de los Mares. They are aimed at more experienced hikers.

Dientes de Navarino: this multi-day trail is approximately 40-50 kilometres long and is located on the island of Navarino which is part of Tierra del Fuego. The trail is named after a small mountain range that resembles a tooth.

Cruz de los Mares: this trekking route starts in Puerto Bulnes, south of Punta Arenas and has a high degree of difficulty, since rivers must also be crossed.


The Lake District covers two of Chile’s regions: the 9th region, more evocatively known as La Araucanía, and the 10th region, Los Lagos.

Paso Desolación: journey that runs through the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park from the north of the Osorno volcano to the southeast, to the Petrohué sector, following a path that was originally a cattle trail along which animals were moved between Todos los Santos lake and Llanquihue lake. The route, doable in a day, allows to go through dramatic changes in the landscape: from volcanic slag heaps to dense nothofagus forests, all of which is nuanced by excellent views of the Tronador and Osorno volcanoes.

Caldera de Sollipulli

Caldera de Sollipulli: In the south of the Conguillío National Park in Araucania, there is a very special trail where you climb up to a huge caldera and admire the largest crater in South America. Its summit hosts a huge glacier with a diameter of about 24 km2, offering beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views.


Las Lomitas: Trail in the north of Chile, in the Pan de Azúcar National Park. It is a relaxed hike over small hills in the middle of the desert with breathtaking panoramic views in combination with a perfect opportunity to discover the flora and fauna until you reach a large coastal cliff at 820 m above sea level.

El Túnel: It was part of the old road connecting Calama with San Pedro de Atacama. This route takes you over the Cordillera de la Sal with majestic views of the valleys Valle de la Muerte and Catarpe with desert landscapes and stunning contrasts of colours..

Pan de azúcar

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