Independence Day “Fiestas Patrias” in Chile

Fiestas Patrias, also known as Chilean Independence Day, is one of the most significant and eagerly awaited celebrations in Chile. This festive occasion commemorates Chile’s declaration of independence from Spanish colonial rule, which was officially proclaimed on September 18, 1810.

When visiting Chile in September, you will always hear about preparations for the “Dieciocho” (Eighteen). Posters invite you to events and Chilean flags flutter on every house and building.

If you want to experience Chilean culture, this is the best time to travel to the South American country. Chile’s history of mestizaje (cultural blending between Indigenous peoples and European settlers) has contributed to its unique cultural tapestry, and the recognition of this diversity is an integral part of the nation’s identity and heritage.

During the festivities, the Chilean people proudly and joyfully show their cultural identity and mestizo heritage. Ancient gastronomic traditions, authentic handicrafts and artistic expressions (music, dance, choreography), some of which are not so visible throughout the year due to the modern lifestyle, take centre stage in September.

“Fiestas Patrias” is pure Chile and an insight into the country’s national identity. It is part of the traditions, what makes up the Chileans, what they live, love and share with family as well as friends. People usually meet at ramadas and fondas, the festive places where folkloric art performances are offered in addition to the tasting of typical food.