Arica – Andean Carnival Con la Fuerza del Sol

Arica, the so-called city of eternal spring, located on the pacific ocean, offers many attractions and historical-cultural heritage. The imposing 130-metre-high rock El Morro, which played an important role in Chile’s history of the Pacific War, becomes the backdrop for the largest multicultural event in northern Chile during the summer months.

The Andean Carnival Con la Fuerza del Sol Inti Ch’amampi (With the Strength of the Sun) has been celebrated annually on three days in January or February since 2002.

More than 16,000 dancers and musicians from different regions of the country and abroad take part. It is one of most important carnival festivals in South America. Andean dance corps participate in the festival and showcase the native dances of the highlands Altiplano, the afro-descendent communities and the regions of Arica and Parinacota.

This February more than 100.000 people enjoyed the Chile´s greatest carnival.

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