Antofagasta region – a perfect destination at any season

The Antofagasta region in northern Chile is a captivating travel destination that enchants visitors with its stunning landscapes, historical significance, and vibrant cultural heritage.


The city of Antofagasta is located on the coast of Chile, inviting visitors with its pristine beaches, bustling port ambiance, impressive architectural landmarks, and a delightful blend of modern amenities and cultural attractions.

La Portada, located near Antofagasta, is a popular tourist attraction. The unique arch shape of this natural rock formation, sculpted by the forces of nature, creates a picturesque landmark against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

This region offers plenty of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts, including hiking through the stunning Atacama Desert, exploring national parks, stargazing in pristine skies, and enjoying water sports along the coast.

One of the most renowned destinations in the Antofagasta region is undoubtedly the Atacama Desert. This fascinating area is known for its spectacular landscapes, such as the Moon Valley, geysers, and salt flats. Visitors can also explore the unique wildlife and plant life, experiencing the impressive silence and beauty of the desert.