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South, Lakes & Volcanoes



One of the most beautiful parts of Chile are located in the Araucanía, Rivers Region & Lakes District Region; land of the Mapuche people, full of landscapes with mountains, lakes, snow-capped volcanoes, rainforests and white water rivers makes this area an idyllic yet wild place. It has activities for all, including adventure sports, walking and fishing. Step back in time with a trip to Chiloé Island, and explore its traditional churches, farms and fishing villages which co-exist with ancient legends and myths.

Not to miss in the Araucanía

Some of the must-see during your visit

Not to miss in the Rivers & Lakes District

Some of the must-see during your visit

Some of our partners

We have a wide range of excellent partnerships in the Araucania, Rivers, and Lakes Region in southern Chile. These are just some of them.