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Patagonia is not an specific province nor belongs to only one nation: it is a big region comprinsing all of the South of Chile and Argentina.

We have divided it for Chile in 2 zones:

·NORTHERN PATAGONIA (Carreteral Austral, Southern Road, Southern Highway, Route 7)
This 1240 kms long road of still pristine landscapes can show the visitor millenary glaciers, hidden hotsprings, wild forests, endemic flora & fauna, the freshest air and cleanest water on the world. A real true slice of heaven on heart with hundreds of kilometers of unpaved road.

It hosts the most spectacular natural wonder: Torres del Paine, considered by many to be Latin America’s finest national park and home to huge towering granite peaks which were created during the Ice Age and are still crowned today by glaciers.

In both, waterfalls, glaciers, breathtaking forests, endemic wildlife and amazing trails will put you in touch with nature.

Not to miss in Northern Patagonia

Some of the must-see during your visit

Not to miss in Southern Patagonia

Some of the must-see during your visit

Some of our partners

We have a wide range of excellent partnerships in northern and southern Patagonia. These are just some of them.