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Leading Chilean Destination Management Company

Turavion, Inbound Tour Operator and one of the leading tourism companies in Chile with more than 86 years of experience ,offers you the perfect combination of quality services at competitive rates including a wide range of products through our different FIT, Groups and MICE Divisions.

It offers a multilingual and experienced reservations team including specialized travel consultants, Concierge service, 24/7 emergency assistance and its own office and staff at Santiago International Airport.

Our qualified local guides along with tailor-made and out of the ordinary services provide our clients with a unique local experience.

Some of our unique selling points include our Liability Insurance as well as ISO 9001 approved certification as well as Chilean sustainability and quality certifications.

Worlwide clients
Worlwide clients
Chile´s leading DMC
Chile´s leading DMC
86 years of experience
86 years of experience

Our Team

We’re a group of passionate people helping you to offer unique experiences in Chile.

Enrique Sacchetti<br> Founder

Enrique Sacchetti

Turavion was founded in 1935 but it was only in 1962 that belonged to the Sacchetti family. It was run by Tito (his father) until 1990 and since then, his sister and him have led this company with passion and dedication reaching an outstanding and recognized position in the tourism industry. He declares himself in love with diversity of nature and landscapes of Chile, which he greatly enjoys in doing different outdoor activities, being his favourite: fishing in rivers, lakes and sometimes in the sea..
Sebastián Zarhi<br> Operations Manager

Sebastián Zarhi
Operations Manager

Declares himself in love with nature and specially with Chilean Patagonia. His 25 years of experience in the tourism industry has taught him to love and embrace each moment that this activity has given him in the outdoors. He loves listening to the silence of immensity and getting hypnotized with the colors of pristine places. Encourages everyone to visit Chile to fall in love with its people, food, and unique experiences in nature.
Patricio Zamorano<br> Commercial Manager

Patricio Zamorano
Commercial Manager

He has always loved traveling and getting to know new places. When he started working in tourism 29 years ago he never thought how amazing this industry was going to be … later on it became his passion. No doubt his favorite area in Chile is the Atacama Desert and during his free time he very much enjoys cooking, specially seafood. He is also a wine lover being carmenere the perfect wine strain for him making it a great food and wine combination.
Cecilia Rojas<br> Sales Manager

Cecilia Rojas
Sales Manager

Comes from southern Chile and after living for long periods of her life in North America, Europe and Oceania, she declares herself madly in love with Chile.  Her passions are by far travelling unexplored places in Chile and the world, and practicing outdoor activities such as trekking and diving. She is a vegetarian, nature and animal lover, and dedicates her time to foster rescued animals.
Mercedes Catalán<br> Sales Operation Supervisor

Mercedes Catalán
Sales Operation Supervisor

She has spent her last 27 years working in tourism and 23 of those in Turavion. She loves travelling and enjoying the beauties of each one of these new places, adores Chile and she is delighted in helping others to get to know it. But besides this, dance runs through her veins and she is also deeply connected and in search of her spiritual growth and enjoys taking different courses with this purpose.
Karen Lymeburg<br> MICE

Karen Lymeburg

She has spent her last 28 years working in tourism and the last 15 years in the area of Incentives and Congresses. She loves to travel through different areas of Chile, being the region of Lakes & Volcanoes her favorite. Passionate about her work, she stands out for being very detailed and demanding in their execution. She loves that visitors enjoy the different experiences that Chile can offer.
Karen Poindrelle<br> Travel Consultant

Karen Poindrelle
Travel Consultant

100% made in France and with more than 20 years of experience in tourism, she prefers the evergreen southern rainforest on the southern coast and the dramatic high Andean landscapes. She’s always searching for new paths away from crowds and despite her french wine taste preferences,  she also loves Chilean wines. She has a crush for Chiloe culture and its craft.
Rodrigo Gómez<br> Travel Consultant

Rodrigo Gómez
Travel Consultant

With more than 18 years working on tourism, he has learned that he has always loved extreme activities, the incredible emotion of experiences to the limit that sometimes are just about at a few steps from the door, literally ….and that’s why he also loves to share these moments in family having a good Arcade game at home, and of course collecting a new Game console each year.
Javier Claro<br> Travel Consultant

Javier Claro
Travel Consultant

Made in Venezuela. He loves to rollerblade, play paintball and spend time at the beach. He has been delighted to work in tourism for 13 years, where he has had the opportunity to visit more than 53 cities in 26 countries! And is now enjoying living in Chile, country that has amazed him for its landscapes and outdoor activities.
Claudia Vidal<br> Travel Consultant

Claudia Vidal
Travel Consultant

She was born in Switzerland but feels definitely 100% Chilean. She is an animal lover who's passionate about exploring new destinations, tasting new food and learning about new places. Even though she studied Art, she has worked in tourism for the last 9 years and adores it! Chile is an amazing country and helping people visit it it’s a pleasure.
Pedro Graffigna<br> Product & Database Analyst

Pedro Graffigna
Product & Database Analyst

Has been dedicated to tourism for the last 26 years, working in different areas of the industry. He was born in Costa Rica, lived in USA, Uruguay and Chile, and has been working for the last 12 years in Turavion where he has been dazzled with the beauty of this country. He adores his family, eating good food, anything related to soccer/football and travelling.
Juan Aballay<br> Database Analyst

Juan Aballay
Database Analyst

He has been working in tourism over the past 20 years, spending these last 12 years in Turavion. He loves spending time surrounded by nature, enjoys  travelling,  is a football lover and likes reaggae music.
Consuelo Barros<br> Programming

Consuelo Barros

She has been working for more than 40 years in Tourism and 20 of those in Turavion. She grew up in the country and comes from a very large family (14 brothers!). This experience taught her to love peace, nature and to appreciate the love of her close ones. Her father was a piano concertist, therefore she loves music besides reading and to walk on nice trails.
Alexandra Kann<br> Marketing Manager

Alexandra Kann
Marketing Manager

Made in Germany with French roots, love led her to Chile in 2016 and she fell straight in love with this stunning country. She has been working in tourism since 2019 and enjoys writing about the beautiful places in Chile. Privately she likes to make music and as an animal lover, her dog Bella is her pride and joy.
Patricia Varela<br> Product Department

Patricia Varela
Product Department

Lover of Chile´s history, she began her career in Tourism in 2006 as an English and Portuguese speaking guide with the idea of being able to share the culture and customs of her country, promoting the wonders of this long and narrow nation. Today she continues to maintain her love for Chile , as well as travelling, visiting museums, churches and libraries in each city, but now in the company of her family.
Marcia Mazuela<br> Product Department

Marcia Mazuela
Product Department

She has spent her last 10 years working in tourism. She loves travelling, eating any type of food, rock music and is an absolutely dog lover.
Nicolás García<br> FIT Coordinator

Nicolás García
FIT Coordinator

Even though he "was made" in Argentina, he spent is childhood coming and going to/from Chile because his grandparents were from Nahuelbuta, located at the foot of the Andes in Central Chile. Due to these experiences, he created a strong bond with the beauties of Chile as his grandfather always took him camping to unexplored places to visit forests,  lakes and rivers. Since then, he felt attracted to tourism and now enjoys helping others to get these exacts unforgettable experiences, returning what he was given as child.
Andrea Agudelo<br> Transportation & Guide Department

Andrea Agudelo
Transportation & Guide Department

Jeanette Donaire<br> Product Department

Jeanette Donaire
Product Department

She has been working in the tourism industry for 28 years, mainly in airlines, hotels and national tourism agencies. She loves rock music and is passionate about her work. She enjoys riding her bike and spending time in the nature with her family.
John Boza<br> Transportation & Guide Department

John Boza
Transportation & Guide Department

He has been working for 10 years in the logistic area of transports and guides. He is passionate about trekking and enjoying life in the outdoors.
Vania Vlahovich<br> FIT Coordinator

Vania Vlahovich
FIT Coordinator

She has worked in Tourism for more than 25 years. She loves animals, nature, travel and adventure, and she especially loves her homeland, the beautiful and mythical Patagonia.
Matias Donaire<br> Database Analyst

Matias Donaire
Database Analyst

He studied tourism and has been working in this industry for 4 years. He likes spending time with his family and friends in places surrounded by nature. He wishes to continue visiting beautiful places and new countries and traditions.
Diego Bueno<br> Database Analyst

Diego Bueno
Database Analyst

He studied tourism and has been working in the industry for approximately 8 years. His greatest passion is music! He is actively involved in two bands and a solo project. He also likes to help raise awareness about animal rights and the benefits of vegan food.
Andrea Lastra<br>Travel Consultant

Andrea Lastra
Travel Consultant